INELI is a blended distance learning program funded by the Global Libraries Initiative (GL) of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In the past eight years, over 400 emerging library leaders have participated in one of the ten INELI programs that have been offered in countries and regions around the world. 

Before INELI my image of the public library was rather fuzzy. I had only loose hunches of what would happen to the libraries in the next decades. Will they remain relevant? And how? How can they transform and is there enough potential transformation power present? I feel much more confident about the future of libraries now. I learned a lot about new roles, ways of transforming and ways of making the transformation happen. - Global INELI Participant

Each of the original INELI programs lasted two years and included multiple online courses and several face-to-face convenings. Now the INELI courses have been revised to stand alone. They are available to any individual, group, or organization that wants to help emerging library leaders build the skills they need to shape the future.  If you have been enrolled in an INELI course, scroll down and click on the course title to begin your INELI experience.